Update 19th March 2020


We are in a time of great change and uncertainty and the only thing we can know for certain is that things are constantly changing and we can expect things to get more difficult before they ease off.  We have updated our Terms & Conditions to include events beyond our control.

For any new booking made after the Government announcements of 16th March 2020, if you cancel your entire event as a result of Covid-19 and give us a minimum of one week’s notice, we will refund everything you have paid including the £50 booking fee which is normally not returnable. This offer is open until Government advice changes or we remove this paragraph from our website.

We have also extended our Leap Year Special Offer of £100 discount on the normal price of 3 or 4 hour bookings until 31st August 2020 with the event taking place by 15th December 2022.

We have ample supplies of all our consumables such as print media, guest books, and plenty of spare props. For now at least we have an ample supply of anti bacterial disinfectant spray to use on our props at the beginning, end and a couple of times throughout each booking. Hand sanitiser gel is however incredibly hard to find so we have to save what we have for our staff until such time as supplies become readily available.

So unless we are quarantined or in isolation, movement or meeting with other people is restricted, run out of diesel for the van, or the roads are blocked we will be at all our booked events.

We also have to take care of all our staff as well as the guests at your event, so wherever possible we will be using a foot pedal/switch or a remote switch used by the attendant to start the booth rather than a touch screen. We will also not be putting out any props that are likely to be in contact with anyone’s face such as masks, lips, wigs, inflatable saxophones and so on. If you would still like us to put out other inflatable props or hats, then we are happy to go with your risk assessment as we will disinfect everything before we put them away but can’t do so between guests.

We are currently looking to see if there are any practical ways of sanitising our Inflate-a-Booths as they have a very large area that people might touch.  Unfortunately for the moment we are withdrawing their use and substituting Open Plan booths instead.

Because of these unusual circumstances we are being more flexible with our re-booking policy, but do please let us know as soon as you make any decision.

If you decide to postpone your event any time up to 2 clear working days before the event, we will be happy to change the date for another wherever possible.  If the new date is within 15 months of the original event date then we will honour any discounts or special arrangements if we are available for that new date, but otherwise any date/venue change will be in keeping with our T&Cs.

If you cancel more than 14 clear days before the event then you will only lose your initial £50 booking fee.  If you decide to cancel your event less than 14 clear days before the event, then the cancellation will be treated in accordance with our standard T&Cs.

If your venue cancels except by Government Instructions then please contact us to re-arrange your booking as a postponement as outlined above.

If you have any questions please contact us right away and we will work with you to get through this together.

Thank You