We like your finished prints to fit in with your event and so we need your input.  We produce 6″x4″ prints rather than the half size strips you sometimes see as this gives more freedom in design and your guests get larger pictures.

The downside of having choice is that you have to make a few decisions, so we will try to make it a bit easier with the following step by step guide.


We have shown a selection of layout styles below (with a selection of fonts) and using the same colours.  These are not all the possible template layouts, just the ones we use most frequently.  Other options would be to put the logo/text in different corners, or have fewer pictures and more room for text & artwork.  If you would like something different, then please send us a copy of it and we will see what we can do for you, but there may be an additional charge.


Before you start, please note that the Magic Mirror Booth takes upright photos, while all the other Booths take Horizontal pictures.  Please make sure that you are looking at the correct set of templates for your booking.


Step 1 [text]    Think about what you would like the wording to say.  If you want to include a lot of text, then this will reduce the options you have for the layout and if you have a logo or artwork, then there will be less space for text.

Step 2 [artwork]    If you have a logo or artwork that you would like to include, then this will make selecting your layout easier as you will have less choice.  If you have booked a Magic Mirror and want to include artwork, then you should select Mirror Type E.


Step 3    You should now know what you need from the template.  Have a look at the selection here, choose the one that will work best for you and then continue below to selecting colours & fonts.  Please note that the text or logo from Styles 1,2, & 5 and Type E can be in a different corner, so unless you say otherwise we will put them in the corners as shown.



Step 4 [background colour – or image]    The prints generally have a plain background, often to blend in with the colour scheme of the event, though sometimes our customers have something special in mind.  In that case we need a clear image to use but if you don’t have what you want, then you can always look online to see what can be found.  Please note that we can’t use any copyrighted or protected images and it needs to be of a reasonable quality and the right way round or easily cropped.


As it is not possible to print in gold or silver, we print those as a shade of yellow and a light grey.  If you are not sure about the particular shade or colour you would like, why not have a look here: 500 colours link for some examples (including over 100 shades of grey!) and let us know the RGB code.  Please note that depending on your settings, colours will appear differently on your screen than when printed.


Step 5 [borders & fonts]    Once you have the layout, any artwork or logo, text, and colours for background & text, the final finishing touches can be a specific font (we have used a selection of the most popular in some of the above examples) and/or borders to the pictures. Where the pictures are different sizes we tend to make the border a little wider on the larger picture, though sometimes that might be the only picture with a border.  The borders don’t have to be all the same colour, but we limit it to two.


Here are some actual finished examples below, but you can find more ideas of how the finished prints can look in our 5MinutePhotoBooth Facebook Albums.