The quality of the finished prints is really important to us, so we use top brand DSLR cameras, professional photo printers, quality zoom lenses and professional studio lighting as well as guiding your guests and making sure they have fun – to make sure that you have the best results all round.

We have two new booths planned for 2021: An upright version of our Compact design for those spaces where the Full Size Magic Mirror can’t go (such as upstairs), and a Video Booth for leaving videos which can also be booked as an extra to one of our regular booths as well as on its own.


The ‘Inflate-a-Booth’

When it comes to the best lighting for photographs, nothing tops our Inflate-a-Booths.  A very large soft light is really flattering on faces and the white inside of the Booth makes it even better.  As ever we use quality cameras and professional lighting for the best results. The entire inflatable cube is lit inside the walls with colour changing LEDs but it doesn’t show up in your photos.  We have 2 sizes and the the smaller one has a capacity of 8-10 people which is more than enough most of the time.  Some people really like this booth because by being enclosed it gives them a degree of privacy if they are shy – or just don’t want to be seen doing silly things.  From our perspective, we love the quality of the photos you get from these booths and its what we’re best known for.










The Inflate-a-Booth is quite simply the best choice (for most people) if you have the space and headroom.

These ladies had plenty of room inside the large Inflate-a-Booth to have a really great time.



The ‘Compact’

We designed our Compact Unit so that we could carry it up & down stairs if necessary but without cutting back on the camera or lighting quality without going over the top.  We can use it in really awkward spots or small spaces like a living room.  We start your guests off in the early part of the evening by pressing the start pedal and pointing out the camera and when to look there and not the screen, but very quickly they want to do it for themselves and the lights around the camera remind them where and when to look.













The main unit changes colour (or can be left fixed) which attracts attention but without being too flashy.  A couple of seconds before the camera fires, LED lights come on around the camera lens to remind your guests to look there as this really improves the pictures.  You can see it in action 3 seconds into this little video.



‘Magic Mirror’

The Magic Mirror is a bit different in that the camera is mounted a bit lower and set to take upright photos, typically ¾ length.  This makes it an excellent choice if you are expecting the ladies to be in stunning dresses or for fancy dress parties.  Larger groups are not as easy as with our other booths, but we have managed 12 adults on a night where we had the space.  We usually like the photos a bit bigger as they are nearly full length so we create the templates with three photos which does make each visit a little bit quicker.


Magic Mirror Booth with Multi Coloured Lights illuminating the walls & ceiling


Here we have used our Poles & Ropes and well as the illuminated LED red carpet


The ‘Classic Oval Booth’

For smaller venues, or where there is restricted headroom and you would like an enclosed booth, we can offer our Classic Oval Booth.  It is quite compact at 2.25m x 1.25m x 2.05m high (7’5″ x 4’1″ x 6’9″) and would comfortably fit inside our larger Inflate-a-Booth.  This is the usual size that you will most likely see elsewhere and obviously we need room for props and a table for a guest book, so having a Photo Booth does take up a little room.  Unfortunately the capacity inside is limited at 2 to 4 people depending how friendly they are and their shape, and needs a big lift to go upstairs.

Classic Booth 3

If we find the layout of the room to be unhelpful and space very tight, we can make the time between photos longer to give your guests a chance to do a quick change.  These two ladies had a lot of fun and came back several times.



Elegant Curtain Booth

We also have something a bit more elegant for those very special occasions. Our unique Curtain Booth is adjustable from as small as 1.2m square, to 3m square – that is 4’ to 10’ for those of us over 40. Of course it doesn’t have to be square either, just that those sizes are the smallest and largest it can go. The equipment sits outside so you have the most floor area inside. The example photo shows it set up as a 7’ square (2.15m) but the bases and equipment take up a bit of room too, so please discuss you needs with us to make sure there is enough room.


Closed BoothElegant Curtain Booth



So there you have it, a wide selection of Photo Booth styles and sizes.  We tend to charge the same price regardless what you have, but not all the Booths will fit in all venues, and any special offers or discounts we may offer from time to time are limited to specific booths.  Please feel free to contact us for a chat about what you would like.



We are constantly making improvements to our equipment, so you may see things slightly different to this page.


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