Q:        Photo Booth?  Do you mean one of those little kiosks they have in bus stations & railways?

A:        Funny enough that is the basic starting point, but modern Photo Booths are about entertainment, fun, getting pictures of people that you wouldn’t otherwise get, giving your guests a little extra something to take away and so on.  They can also hold a lot more that 1 or 2 people, the most we have had is 15 in an enclosed booth and over 30 for an open booth.  Your guests can choose to use lots of great props such as hats, wigs, glasses, funny signs and so on, or they can take some sensible pictures as a reminder.  They also get to take their pictures away in seconds, not the 4 minutes it used to take.


Q:        Why would we want a Photo Booth as we already have a good photographer for our Wedding?

A:        A Photo Booth should not be a substitute for a good wedding photographer, but even the best ones we have worked with leave early on in the evening and so often many more guests arrive after the photographers leave… and then the party really starts.  Sometimes for whatever reason the photographer doesn’t get a good (or even any) picture of certain guests – we saw this several times at weddings of our family and friends.  But a Photo Booth is not just for fun for wedding guests – you can have one at any celebration such as birthday & anniversary parties, School Proms and so on – in those cases we get the all the best photos and our clients get to see ALL the pictures we take and not just 1 or 2 on a friend’s ‘phone.


Q:        How do we book?

A:        Before going to our bookings page, please call us first on 07973 548 389 to make sure that the date and booth that you want are available.  If you don’t know what kind of booth you want, we can talk about the options and it helps us to know the venue and the numbers you are expecting to check where it is and so we can suggest a package for you.


Q:        When do we have to pay?

A:        We ask for a £50 booking fee to save the date and cover our costs & time before you book, with the balance due 4-6 weeks before the event when we create your custom print template.  We are happy to arrange payments by installments if that would be helpful to you, but we do not offer an option to pay after the event.  With 3rd party purchases (e.g. Groupon, Wave105 etc.) your agreement is with them and they will require full payment when you buy, it will also be subject to their T&Cs and may not be refundable or amendable.  If you end up cancelling with less than 3 months before your event, then we charge a cancellation fee as we will have had to book & pay for supplies & staff and may also have turned away other work.


Q:        How are you dealing with Covid-19?

A:        If you have to change your date when your type of event has been banned, then we will try to work to your new date without a re-booking or extra fee.  If we can’t do your new date, then you can pass your booking to someone else for an event within 18 months of the original date.  We can’t supply any type of enclosed booth while ‘Social Distancing’ is still required and we can’t bring any physical props while regular handwashing is still advised as we can’t guarantee to sanitise them between guests, though you can bring and use your own but we won’t handle them.  The attendant will start the booth for you, or we will have a foot pedal that can be used.  We also can’t allow guests to write in a guest book on the night so we will stick all the pictures in for you and give you the book at the end of the evening so you can get them to write in it later.  However as restrictions ease up and the risks go down, we will be easing back on those restrictions.


Q:        Do we get a copy of everything?

A:        Most of our packages include a complimentary guest book and we try to include one print from each visit in the book.  We ask your guests to leave you a little message by the print in the guest book but they don’t always do that if they have been in several times.  You will also get a download of all the prints and individual images (or videos) and all suitable ones will go into a Facebook album unless you or the guests ask us not to.


Q:        As one print from each visit goes into the guestbook, how many copies do our guests get?

A:        That depends on the package you have selected, but there will normally be between 1 and 3 copies for your guests.  We can add extra prints to your package if you want, including one print for each guest for each visit.


Q:        How big are the prints from your Photo Booth?

A:        We know that some companies produce skinny little 2″ (5cm) strips but we often hear that the pictures on those are simply too small, so we make ours postcard size (6″ x 4″ / 10 x 15cm).  We are also happy to create much larger prints at 8″ x 6″ (roughly A5) or even 9″ x 6″ (roughly 23cm x 15cm), just let us know and we can work out any difference in price for you.


Q:        How many times can our guests use the Booth?

A:        You and your guests can use the booth as many times as you want while we are running.  If a queue builds up we ask people to go to the back of the line to give everyone a chance, but we do let the happy Couple or Birthday person jump the queue.


Q:        We bought our booking through a charity auction/raffle or were given it by a charity, why do we have to give give you permission to use our pictures for publicity?

A:        Legally you don’t have to to, but it takes a lot more time & hassle to give away a booking than for paying clients (you wouldn’t believe just how demanding some charities can be if you donate stuff to them).  So not only are we giving away something worth hundreds of pounds we are also spending many hours doing it.  All me can hope to get from it is to be able to tell people that we are supporting this charity and have some pictures to show for it (though we would only use one or two good pictures not the lot).  If this would be a problem for you, then please don’t go for the booking and return it to your charity.


Q:        There isn’t much space in the main function room of our venue, would it be OK if you were in a different room?

A:        That depends.  We have often been in an adjacent room and that usually seems to work if it is pointed out to people.  If we are a distance from the main event, or even on a different floor then we would expect to be very quiet and not many people will use the booth.  It might be better to have a smaller photo booth layout in the main room if you want lots of pictures to be taken.  We would rather be busy than bored and you will get far better value.


Q:        Some companies will let us keep the props at the end of the evening, do you do that?

A:        With some packages we create personalised signs with the names of the Happy Couple (or birthday person) and we will give you those at the end of the night.  We bring hundreds of pounds worth of good quality props to our events so obviously we don’t give those away, but you are welcome to provide some of your own for the night.


Q:        Do you have limits where you work?

A:        As well as being able to get there in a reasonable time, we need to get in & out easily & safely, park close by and have a safe space to set up and work.  Some of our equipment is heavy and most is loaded onto trolleys so tight corridors, gravel/grass paths, stairs etc. are a big problem.  If a large mobility scooter can get there then we will probably be OK.  However, the Compact Unit in an Open Plan setting was designed to fit in tight spaces.  We have a free delivery area but for reasonable distances beyond that we charge a mileage fee.  Click on the picture to check it out.


Q:        Is the Booth easy to use?

A:        Very easy – as simple as pressing button or foot pedal, or touching a screen.  You will also have an attendant there with you on the night who will get things going for you, remind guests to look at the camera at the right time, help out with props, and stick photos into your guest book.


Q:        How early do you have to get into the room?

A:        We aim to arrive hour to 1½ hours before the start time to unload and set up and allow an hour to break down and pack away.  If for some reason we can’t get into the room when we need to, or we have to leave the venue by a certain time, then we may start late or have to finish early.  If you want us to set up earlier, then there may be a charge for ‘idle time’.


Q:        What if we have booked a package and on the night we want you to run for less or more time, will there be a refund or extra charge?

A:        We will suggest a package that in our experience is likely to be appropriate for the number of guests, the venue, and the timings on the day, but the final decision is of course yours.  If you have a charity, discounted, or voucher deal, or on the night you ask us to run for less time, then there is no refund.  If you ask us to run for longer, then we charge £60 per hour which can be paid either with your balance before the event or in cash on the night – we do not offer an option to pay later.


Q:        How late into the evening will you run?

A:        We know from literally decades of experience photographing events that the more people there, the longer you will want us to run for and the later we will be busy.  The less people there, the earlier things go quiet.  So if you book us for up to 3 hours we will end no later than 11pm and if booked for up to 4 hours we will finish by 11:30.  Obviously we can start and finish earlier, but unless you want to pay us extra to sit around twiddling our thumbs there is rarely any point in running later and we usually manage ask the DJ to let people know about half an hour before we shut down which usually gets a small rush of last minute guests coming along.


Q:        Can anyone use the Booth?

A:        Generally speaking yes, but children under 1.2m tall (4’) would need an adult to hold them up (except when using the Magic Mirror) and those less than 14 years old must have a responsible adult with them when using the booth.  Naturally if anyone behaves inappropriately then we reserve the right to refuse entry, and if necessary to shut down altogether without a refund.


Q:        Are your booths wheelchair accessible?

A:        Open Plan & Magic Mirror Booths are easily accessible as they don’t have any fixed sides.  The Inflate-a-Booths have doors about 700mm wide, which is not quite wide enough for some wheelchairs, but as the sides are flexible we can usually move a corner out of the way to get wheelchairs in.  The Classic Oval has a wide doorway, but manoeuvrability inside is tricky.  In most of our booths the camera is about 5’ (1.5m) from the floor and only angled slightly downward, so it doesn’t cover people sitting down very well.  The Magic Mirror however takes vertical / portrait format pictures, and being open plan is the most suitable if there are a number of wheelchair users present.


Q:        What if the Inflate-a-Booth doesn’t fit?

A:        As we can’t visit the venue beforehand, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have booked the correct booth for your venue.  The Inflate-a-Booths do take up quite a bit of space and need some headroom away from hot/overhead lights, which is why we ask about the venue early on.  If you think there might be a problem, please let us know well in advance so that we can come prepared to run with an Open Booth Setting instead – just in case.


Q:        Can the Mirror Booth be carried upstairs?

A:        Unfortunately not as it weighs over 100kg (and more again for all the other bits & pieces) and is very bulky.  We wheel it in on one of 2 trolleys, the small one keeps it upright but is only suitable for short distances over smooth hard surfaces (not grass or gravel), while the larger one is for those other times (pictured).  Going upstairs has to be in a lift and modern buildings should have one big enough (Building Regulations 2010) though larger is better.  It is simply not safe to be carried by hand no matter how many strong helpers you have available (and our insurance company does not allow it).


Q:        Do we need to allow for you in our catering numbers?

A:        No, but we have never been to an event where there was a shortage of food.  For some events we might leave our base in the early afternoon and not return home until the small hours, so it is always nice to be invited to join in any buffet or be offered a soft drink.


Q:        What if we have to cancel or change the date or venue, or if we want to change the type of booth we have?

A:        We will do our best to accommodate any changes if we can, but otherwise it will be considered a cancellation and subject to our standard T&Cs.  If you bought through a third party such as Groupon or Wave105, then it will also be subject to their T&Cs and may not be amendable/refundable.  Please note that if you change the date, venue, or type of booth, any special offer you may have had might not be valid and an additional or re-booking charge may be made.  If you end up cancelling with less than 3 months before your event, then we charge a cancellation fee as we will have had to book & pay for supplies & staff and may also have turned away other work.


Q:        We are having an event outdoors in a field, could you provide a booth for that?

A:        Obviously there is the weather to think about (wind as well as rain), stable and regulated power supply (which most small generators can’t do), uneven or wet ground, insects getting into the electrics and so on.  The best thing to do is to give us a call so we can talk about it and look at the options for your particular event.


Q:        Will you run later than agreed if you are late starting?

A:        It all depends why we are late starting.  If it is basically down to us or our equipment, then we might run late or we might offer you a partial refund.   If we are late starting because of things beyond our control such as we can’t get to or into the venue, problems at the venue, issues with timing, space or power supply then we won’t run late and there will be no refund even if we can’t start at all.


Q:        Do you have Insurance, PAT certificate, and a Risk Assessment?

A:        Of course.  We are happy to provide them direct to venues on request, just make a note on the information sheet that we will send you.


Q:        What if the equipment doesn’t work?

A:        Modern technology is wonderful when it works properly, and a curse when it doesn’t.  We try to carry the most important spares, however we know that there is the remote possibility that it may all go horribly wrong.  If we can’t operate, or have to stop operating because of damage caused by anyone at the venue, invited or not, accidental or deliberate, then there will be no refund.  If the reason we can’t operate at all is because of a technology failure, then you will get back up to all that you have paid but no more.

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