As there are many possible combination of options available, we have created some basic packages based on the the requests we get.  However, these aren’t fixed and can be modified if you would like something a little different.  We don’t charge different prices for different events (weddings/parties/corporate etc.) or different numbers of guests.  Only the amount of time it takes us to cover the event from leaving base to getting back makes any real difference as we cover events from a handful of people to over 250.

However we do suggest that you book a suitable package for the number of guests you are expecting to allow enough time for everyone to have a few visits.  As a guide, if you are expecting over 120 guests, then we recommend a 4 hour package while 3 hours is usually enough for up to 100 guests.  If you’re only expecting around 30 guests at a lunchtime event then 2 hours should be enough, but we don’t offer such short events in the evening.

Please see the table, or the larger descriptions below.


These prices are for venues in our Free Delivery Area and we charge a mileage fee beyond that.

Click on the image below to see the area.




We bring items marked as ‘Included’ with us each time,

but we need notice if you would like an item marked as ‘Available’.














Our Free Delivery Area


Our normal operating/ free delivery area is covered by 20 mile radius from Bournemouth Rail Station and & 10 miles from Junction 5 of the M27 (excluding IoW), beyond that we charge £1 per mile from Bournemouth Rail Station, or £2/mile from Junction 5 of the M27 as measured on Google Earth/Maps.